About Ellen

Ellen Cordery - Writer. Poet. Observer.

Ellen Cordery is a poet, essayist, short story author, and novelist completing her debut book, Black. Her work delves into the shadow side of modern human life and drags those things desperate to stay hidden  into the light of curiosity and rational thought. Her first work of fiction, self-published at age 9, explored the story of a 13-year-old girl stranded on a remote island in Alaska after the yacht she is piloting (alone) is shipwrecked by a storm. Yes, there were bears. And puppies.

The critical acclaim she received from her parents and younger sister for that book fueled her passion for writing throughout high school and college, where she majored (of course) in English. Alas, that passion didn’t survive the siren call of making a living and she retired her pen at the age of 23 to devote her adult life to coding Web sites (and a brief and ill-considered foray into fluffing pillows and client egos as an interior designer).

However, she now finds herself, twenty years later, unable to ignore the ravings of the novel she’s carried in her spirit all that time so, at the older, and not much wiser, age of 43, she again spends her days rustily clacking out words and slinging metaphors. This time without the bears.

Infotrivia …

  • Lives and works in the Kansas City area but originally from a rural Eastern Missouri county on the mighty Mississippi River
  • At home in the chaos of the city, but grew up on a 160-acre farm with sheep, and chickens, and horses (oh my) where she learned to drive a tractor before she learned to drive a car
  • Before giving herself up to her new-old writing obsession, she was an avid gardener, runner, backpacker, kayaker, and Trekkie. All of that is now gone. RIP