The Dream and the Forest

The map of the kingdom of my heart
Hangs on a wall behind my eyes
A fragile civilization, perhaps
Destroyed by a moment of diverted attention

Here is a forest at the center
Dark and secret
The ancient ones
Performed burials here
Where the earth meets the sky
At dusk
And dawn
Imprinting their grief and wonder and joy
On the tree rings
In the crystal veins of rock below
A vascular transit system for their phantom energy

I feel those pulses when I walk here
In a deep sleep dream

My absolute power
As ruler in this kingdom
Grants me the choice
To burn it all down
With a whisper
If I want to
(I want to)

But I am the ruler here
I am responsible
I maintain these carefully constructed
These secret, knowing trees
With benevolent care, a dictator of good
My decrees clear and thoughtfully considered
A violent fist in a velvet glove

If I let you in
To walk here, too,
I’m going to have to ask you to surrender
That lighter in your pocket
Put the fire brigade
On standby
Commandeer the tanker trucks and
Water planes

How does one say no thank you
To the warming fires
Of the daytime sun
As it creeps over the horizon?

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