Ellen Cordery is a writer living in the swampland of Crater County, Missouri, with her significant other and three feral cats. Her first novel, Black, a literary horror story, will debut in 2023.

Her work has appeared in various literary journals and anthologies dedicated to all things twisty and weird. Actually, that’s a lie. She hasn’t published a damn thing since college, and is holding it all in to take the world by storm in a blaze of literary perfection.

She has degrees in English and communications, which didn’t prepare her at all to be a writer. So don’t bother taking that same road—it will only lead to debt and despair.

This site is an experiment, a mad scientist’s testing lab, where she mixes words in taboo and forbidden ways, hoping something will either explode or cure cancer.

Either that, or a red, furry monster of her own making will burst through the door yelling, “PEEEEEEEOPLE!!” in sheer horror at the depravity of humanity.

Don’t believe anything that you read. (Got a parking violation and a maggot on your sleeve.)

Hell, this may or may not even be her real picture.